Built in 1895..

A history of paranormal activity that spans it's entire lifetime..

In the quaint town of Bellaire, Ohio, lies a historical gem that has intrigued and fascinated locals for over a century. Welcome to the enigmatic Ross House, a place where time stands still, and the spirits of the past linger in the shadows.

Constructed in 1895, this captivating abode has a rich history of paranormal activity that has captivated the imagination of all who have crossed its threshold. The allure of its haunting past was too irresistible for Cindy Kuhn, who felt compelled to share this extraordinary piece of history with the world.

As Cindy recalls, "Although I was forewarned about the house's haunting past, the opportunity to reveal its mysteries to others was simply irresistible. Little did I know, as I began the process of cleaning out the house, that I would not be alone. Far from it. The Ross House is home to resident spirits, as well as a mystical portal that beckons visiting spirits to linger."

Located near the banks of the Ohio River, with the B&O railroad within reach, Bellaire's allure extends beyond the supernatural. This town, founded in 1834, boasts a rich tapestry of history, with remnants of the Mingo, Shawnee, and Delaware tribes that once inhabited the area. Moreover, Bellaire's infamous toll bridge, showcased in the iconic film "Silence of the Lambs" (1991), adds a touch of intrigue to its story.

However, it is the Ross House's connection to a powerful ley line that may hold the key to its heightened paranormal activity. A convergence of energy that defies explanation, this mysterious force casts an otherworldly aura upon the house, attracting supernatural occurrences like moths to a flame.

The Ross House has changed hands numerous times since its construction, but it was during the tenure of Fred and Marie Gretros in the 1950s that the house took on a peculiar character. Raising chinchillas within its walls, the Gretros family experienced an inexplicable phenomenon. Following Fred's passing in 1975, Marie continued to reside in the house until her own demise in 1990, leaving behind an echo of presence.

In the years that followed, the house remained largely uninhabited, with prospective tenants reluctant to stay for extended periods. It wasn't until 2016, when Cindy Kuhn, daughter of Charles Ross, seized the opportunity to transform the house into an escape room business. Cindy's skepticism regarding the haunted rumors dissipated as she ventured into the house for cleaning, realizing she was not alone in this hallowed dwelling. A host of resident spirits awaited her, their ethereal presence palpable and impossible to ignore.

During the arduous process of cleaning and renovating, Cindy found herself immersed in a world of unexplained encounters. Eerie incidents became a regular occurrence, revealing the unsettling reality of her father's warnings. Determined to unravel the mysteries, Cindy sought the assistance of renowned psychic/medium Kristin Lee and her team of paranormal experts. Together, they delved into the depths of the unexplained, shedding light on the history of the area and the inexplicable phenomena that enveloped the house.

Their investigations provided invaluable insights and prompted Kristin to beseech the spirits not to follow Cindy or any other visitors beyond the confines of the Ross House, ensuring that the mysterious occurrences remained contained within its haunted walls.

Are you ready to unlock the veil of secrecy that shrouds the Ross House? Will you be brave enough to navigate its ethereal realms and witness the enigmatic forces that have perplexed generations? Step into a world where the paranormal meets history, and embark on a journey like no other.

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